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RiverCity Entertainment Music Library

In an attempt to fulfill customer request's, we have have published below a very  small portion of the song titles we carry in our inventory. Listed below represents approxmately 3.5% of the other 150,000 titles we have on hand, and the inventory grows daily. RiverCity Entertainment prides itself on keeping current with the times and continually updates it's databases weekly based on the most recent charts. Please feel free to contact us for anything specific your are looking for that you don't find in the pages below.  We have based this list on the Billboard Year-End Hot 100 charts for the last 50+ years, and there are so many sonhgs that don't make that list.We hope you enjoy browsing.

The 1950's

The 1960's

The 1970's

The 1980's

The 1990's

The 2000's

Billboard Year-End Hot 100 charts. Note that from 1956 to 1958, Billboard only compiled top 50 charts, and from 1950 to 1955, they compiled only top 30 charts. What is now the Hot 100 existed for nearly fifteen years as numerous charts, tracking and ranking the most popular singles of the day in several areas and not reflective of ALL the charts.